About Allena

Allena Barbato is an instructor for Crisis Intervention Training for police officers and first responders, has taught alongside the State’s Attorney on drug prevention, and works to keep students safe on campus.

She is currently a Lake Villa Trustee and attorney who understands the particular needs of our community. She is dedicated to securing women’s reproductive rights, fiscal responsibility, and gun safety. Allena has also taught sunday school, her daughters sing in church services, and she and her family are heavily involved in the philanthropic efforts of her church which benefit homeless students in Lake County.

Allena lives in Lake Villa with her husband of twenty years and her teen daughters. Allena grew up in our area and attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Law.

Electing Allena will result in a brighter, safer, stronger community in the 32nd District. She is the voice of reason in times that seem more and more chaotic. Allena is the change we need.