The right of women to make their own health care choices is vital. The United State’s Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Roe v Wade was unfortunate. It provides consequences such as forcing women to carry to term the child of a rapist and cuts off health care access to women throughout our nation. The reversal has placed the matter back to states. In the state senate, I will fight to make certain that here in Illinois, women make their own choices regarding their bodies and health care.

Small business and farms form the back bone of our economy. When legislation is written that fails to consider how it affects small business, we haven’t written good legislation. It is time to remove those regulations which are excessive and overly burdensome. We can still protect our environment, workers’ rights and consumers while helping our small businesses prosper. I will fight to remove those regulations which are not helping any of us.

Our state should behave like working families by sticking to a sensible budget. As your state senator, I will work diligently to ensure that we establish sensible priorities and get real value. So doing will enable us to accomplish needed goals such as fixing our roads and infrastructure. I will also fight to make sure that our community gets the resources that we need and deserve.

Lowering prescription drug prices and working to ensure that everyone can afford needed medical care is a priority for Illinois. As State Senator I will work to fix our flawed system. No person in our community should left without quality care.